In-house rules

To make your visit to cinema Artis pleasant for you and your fellow cinemagoers, Artis has set a few simple rules for both cinema employees and visitors to abide by.

Artis is a smoke- and popcorn-free area. Photography and video recording are not allowed without permission. Yes, the security cameras are indeed operational. The Solaris Centre’s security team are in charge of security.

Cinema tickets 

- you'll need to present your ticket at the door when you enter the cinema

- you can buy cinema tickets from the Artis box office and online. 

- the box office accepts cash and cards; the web store has bank links to customers of Swedbank, SEB, Nordea and LHV. 

- to redeem a discount, you may be asked present a document that shows you are eligible when you enter the cinema.

- you will be sold cinema tickets only if you are over the age limit if there is a age restriction for a film -- even if you are accompanied by an adult.

- Artis does not buy back tickets once purchased. Sorry. But we can exchange them for another showing or a gift certificate.

Admission to the cinema halls 

- the entrances to the cinema halls are located between the cash register and the cafe. Artis has two halls: 181 seats and 72 seats.

- upon entering the hall, please present a valid ticket to the ticket-taker and if requested, a document as proof of eligibility for the discount and/or age.

- Artis will refuse admission to people who are intoxicated, disorderly or hygiene-challenged.

- please do not bring personal food and drink to the cinema. Do not under any circumstances think of bringing firearms or other weapons. Large cumbersome bags are better left at home.

- it is allowed to enter the cinema hall with a drinking glass.

Conduct in the cinema 

- it is prohibited to do anything that interferes with other cinemagoers’ (and performers’) enjoyment of cinema. Mobile phones should be switched off or put on silent mode and answered only in extreme emergencies at a quiet volume.

- it is prohibited to damage  cinema property: make sure your beverage containers are securely in the cup holder. Don’t put your feet up or on the back of the seat in front of you.

Exiting the cinema

- before exiting, make sure all your personal belongings are with you and that you have picked up any rubbish you may have inadvertently dropped. The trash receptacles are located at the exits.

- after the evening’s last showing, the exit will be via the Teatri väljak stairwell, while a cinema staff member will activate the lift for customers who are headed to the parking garage.

The cinema reserves the right

- to ask anyone who violates the rules to leave without a refund.

- to refuse to sell tickets to anyone who has violated the rules in the past or who has tried to rip off the cinema.

- to confiscate prohibited items. They will be retuned to their owner after the end of the film.