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I Come Away I
Under 6 Not Recommended

  • 1h 34 min
  • Fantasy, Family
I Tenet I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 2h 30 min
  • Action, Science Fiction, Thriller
I Inception I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 2h 28 min
  • Drama, Action, Science Fiction
I Youth I
Under 14 Not Recommended

  • 1h 58 min
  • Drama
  • Paolo Sorrentino
  • Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano, Jane Fonda
  • Springtime. Fred and Mick, two old friends who are nearing their eighties, are on vacation in an elegant hotel at the foot of the Alps. Fred, a composer and conductor, is now retired. Mick, a film director, is still working. Both friends know that their time is running out and they decide to face their future together.
I Mr. Morgan's Last Love I
For All Audiences

  • 1h 56 min
  • Drama, Romance