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I Mees muinasjutust I

  • 0h 59 min
  • Documentary, Ballet
I Eesti Lood 2015 - jaanuari esilinastused I
For All Audiences

I Eesti lood 2014 - veebruari esilinastused I
For All Audiences

I Veregrupp I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 1h 07 min
  • Action, Documentary
  • Leeni Linna
  • What blood calls a man to war? Blood Type is a reflective documentary about professional Estonian soldiers in the Afghan war. The deeply personal revelations of the warriors are woven in with footage of their daily dangers, forming an intimate portrait of the soldiers' day-to-day struggles.
I Hing. I

  • 0h 59 min
  • Documentary