I Shorts Rahvuslik võistlusprogramm 1- I

Shorts National Competition

In 2020 the National Competition is positively overflowing with one of the largest programmes in the history of the festival. Whilst this speaks positively of an industry that is growing, developing and nurturing new talent there is also a sense of inclusivity. Yes there are films made by Estonians that are shot in Estonia. But there are also films from Estonian filmmakers made out outside the country while directors from different countries – many of which are from the BFM – are making films within Estonia.

This diversity is vital for film culture – as it is for a progressive society in general – and shows that a country with only a small point of view can allow for a wide range of viewpoints in an eclectic and entertaining mix of fiction and documentaries.

The Estonian animation films on offer balance between the seasoned and the newcomers, between caring for your loved ones and rooting for strangers. They involve an almost trademarked sense of humour but also a longing to move beyond the ordinary, and a well-defined need to simply connect.