I Una historia para los Modlin I
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  • 0h 26 min
  • Documentary

A few years ago filmmaker Sergio Oksman came across a box on a street. It was full of family photos, letters and a baffling VHS tape. Out of the material, Oksman weaved an award-grabbing short documentary. An aspiring film star Elmer Modlin worked as an extra in several Hollywood productions, including Rosemary’s Baby by Polanski. Modlin got tired of being on the background, and shut himself and his wife in an apartment in Spain for the rest of his life. At least so claim the photos. Or do they?

Henna Raatikainen / Translation: Tapio Reinekoski

Spain 2012

"A Story for the Modlins" will be presented together with the films "Lisa, Go Home!" and "The Shadow".

Director: Sergio Oksman