The Swedish director Fredrik Edfeldt is someone, we ought to hear from soon again. Being with his debut feature “The Girl” (2009) in Berlin and Karlovy Vary, he has come to stay with his second feature “Sanctuary”.

A father has killed a man and will shortly be arrested and sent to prison. His young daughter will be taken into care. She is his everything, and he, for all his failings, is the ground under her feet. They are inseparable and have nothing but each other. Unwilling to give up their freedom they escape into the woods. In the woods, chased by police and other authorities, the two of them get to spend a final summer of freedom together. Their meeting with nature and their struggle for survival breathes new life into the relationship before the inevitable end.

Wonderful Jakob Cedergren (“Submarino”) playing the Father and a very naturalistic Clara Christiansson in the role of the Daughter, with film depicting the beauty of nature, its freedom and the understanding of forgiving, “Sanctuary” in its whole, is a beautiful piece.

Maria Reinup / PÖFF

Sweden, Finland 2013