I Armud jäänud, armud tulnud I
For All Audiences

  • 1h 29 min
  • Documentary

Vahur Linnuste, an officer's son who was interested in economics already as a school boy, remembers his childhood in the border state of the European-Russian cultural space and the destruction of the Republic of Estonia in the summer of 1940, when tiny independent Estonia became a part of the Soviet Union empire.

World War II divides the European cultural space into capitalist West and soviet East. The viewer is introduced to a unique and relatively unknown story about Estonian expatriates in Europe trying their hardest to regain their homeland's independence. Vahur Linnuste, who lived mostly in Paris, discusses the political background of Europe and the world, and why Estonians face such hardship in the last war and 50 years after that.

Director: Tõnu Virve