I Oboreru naifu I

Based on the best-selling comic "Oboreru Knife" by George Asakura, the film is directed by young creator Ū-ki Yamato who delicately portrays a fragile teenage love, starring Japan's rising stars Komatsu Nana (Martin Scorsese's Silence) and Suda Masaki (The Light Shines Only There).

Natsume (Komatsu), a teenage fashion model moving from Tokyo, spends the days without any dreams or excitement. After meeting Koichiro (Suda), successor of a Shinto priest family, she finds herself falling under his spell. Both separately and together, she tries to find her place in life through the relationship with Koichiro.

This film screening is part of Japan Month. Japan Mont is a series of events that take place for a month in October. The aim is to introduce the wonderful culture of Japan to those who are interested in knowing more about the land of the rising sun.

This event is being organized in cooperation with Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Japan in Estonia.

Entrance for this film screening is free! Free tickets will be available in the box office starting from 1h before the screening.

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