Javier is an architect and Amanda is an English-Spanish interpreter. They are a young couple who both love each other, but share the great pain of the death of their only child who died a year ago. This immense pain has fractured their relationship and despite their deep love for each other, they are unable to overcome the immense loss.

She announces that she just needs time away, but they both know that this step could mean the beginning of a final separation. It begins the gradual disengagement of their lives, their group of friends and the past they share together. We witness the subtle construction of their new lives and observe their movements to forget what they once were as a couple. Javier tries to continue with his life as an architect and begins a lonely descent into casual relationships, sex and work, as his only way of surviving and trying to completely forget his past. Meanwhile Amanda tries to focus on her work as an interpreter and rebuild her life with her ex-boyfriend Marcos, seemingly to erase everything that reminds her of her relationship with Javier.

"My vision is to convey the intense pain that the characters feel for the loss of their child with subtlety, simplicity and originality. In focusing on their profound emotions, I wanted to create a place for the audience to identify with the story and reflect on their own lives, losses and human relationships." – Matias Bize, film director

Chile / Argentina / Spain / Germany 2015