Lukas (Remo Schulze) takes things easy. His life is a game - just one big party. He is young, good-looking, and popular with girls. His priorities in life are clearly set: Himself, clothes, and women. His girlfriend Meike (Klara Manzel) makes his life even easier. He lives in her flat, she clears up after him, she stands up for him against his boss. Only when she is hospitalised with a sexually transmitted disease, Meike realizes that Lukas is not really prepared to give. His half-hearted care for her is driven by one question only: For how much longer do they have to abstain from sex?

After her slip-up, even Meike realises that things have to change. She asks Lukas to give her some space. So he packs up his things and moves in with his brother and his girlfriend Anna (Julia Franzke). When Anna questions Lukas' behaviour, he breaks with them. Lukas stumbles from one problem to the next: He never manages to keep a job, flunks exams, and ends up in a brawl all the time. Ultimately, a family rift marks a turning point in his chaotic life: A family barbecue ends up in a fist fight between both sons. When in hospital, it begins to dawn on Lukas what a fool he has been, and that he needs to take life into his own hands.

Germany 2010