I Горящая Земля I

  • 0h 43 min
  • криминал

The series tells us a story based on true events about a criminal group known as the Kolkhoz (collective farm). The events in the series begin in 2005 and it seems unbelievable that there is like a parallel world next to us in today’s world – an organisation with an extensive grasp, which still lives in the 1990s and which controlled the drug business of nearly all of Ida-Viru County.

The story is told through the core members of the gang, of whom most are by now in prison. The characters in ‘Kolkhoz’ seemingly act in an organised manner, strictly adhering to the command lines, but in reality every brigade leader is trying to become rich on their own, secretly desiring to become the leader of the entire gang. For the action and atmosphere to be as realistic as possible, Russian is the working language of the series.

Although it is a grim and grating story about the wrong side of life, it also offers – through tears – the ‘humour of being human’.

Режиссер: Olga Belyaeva, Margus Sikk