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A recent survey by a women’s magazine showed that 51% of women fear losing their sex appeal and 54% their looks when getting older. So, around half of the women are afraid of ageing, or rather what it entails. Ageing is no longer a natural part of life. It is something terrifying that needs to be fought against by all means.

ABOUT FACE: SUPERMODELS THEN AND NOW interviews supermodels about being beautiful and getting old. Among others, Isabella Rossellini, Christy Turlington, China Machado, Christie Brinkley, Marisa Berenson, Beverly Johnson, Paulina Porizkova and Jerry Hall are interviewed – women whose careers peaked dozens of years ago. Topics include Botox, plastic surgeries and coming to terms with ageing, to name a few. The recollections of these famous women show a shift in the profession and reputation of models over years. Former top model Paulina Porizkova asserts that what is now considered sexual harassment, used to be a compliment in the old times.

However, we should not forget that it is largely due to the (super) models that women are more and more afraid of ageing and losing their looks. The media feeds us perfect looking beauties with whom „ordinary” women would like to look like… And getting old is not part of the game.

Helen Saluveer

Режиссер: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders