I Deutschstunde I

  • 2h 00 min
  • Историческая драма

50 years after its release, one of Germany’s most prolific directors, Christian Schwochow, brings this adaptation of Siegfried Lenz’s world bestseller to the screen – both timeless and acutely timely for a Europe that has to be reminded once more what it ultimately means if societies let go of democratic principles and humanist values.

Siggi, an inmate of a post-war German juvenile detention centre, is forced to write an essay with the title ‘The Joy of Duty’. This is how Siggi gets to pen his dark memories of the war years. The eleven-year-old son of loyal police officer Jens Ole Jepsen found himself caught between two men: while his father obediently follows the task to enforce a work ban placed on Max Nansen, Siggi’s godfather, the “degenerate” artist steadfastly opposes the Nazi regime.

Christoph Gröner

Режиссер: Christian Schwochow