I La Muerte de un perro I

  • 1h 20 min
  • комедия, драма

Mario and Silvia are a typical Montevidean middle class couple, going through the trauma of retirement. Due to Mario’s oversight in what was to be one of his last operations a small dog dies. Shortly after, Mario and Silvia find that thieves have entered their house. They have no choice but to leave and stay at their daughter’s house, where they will enter a spiral of insecurity and paranoia that will drag them to violence and nonsense.

A deep study of petit bourgeois lifestyle and how while having an orderly life all can be drag to chaos just by an unexpected slip. A story where none of the characters are saved from director Ganz’s satirical point of view, remembering us that tragedy plus time equals comedy. “La muerte de un perro” was one of the main winers of Ventana Sur 2018, the biggest industry platform in Latin America, making his first feature one of the most anticipated of the season.

Matías Ganz was born in Montevideo in 1987. He graduated from the Uruguayan Film School where he directed different short films. After a short appearance as an actor in Pablo Stoll’s “3”, he co-wrote and co- directed (with Rodrigo Lappado) the fiction TV series “REC” (2012), and “El Mundo de los Videos” (2017), both broadcasted by the Uruguayan public TV.

Performing in “3” is more than symbolic, because while local audience will relate Ganz’s narrative path with Kaurismaki style and some Nordic attitude, his way of filming, the tempo of the story and how his protagonists are facing reality link him with some Uruguay classics such as “Whisky” (2004), keeping his own voice as a filmmaker.

Javier Garcia Puerto

Режиссер: Matías Ganz