I Algunas bestias I

  • 1h 37 min
  • драма

A family travels to a remote and deserted island in southern Chile, with the idea of building a special hotel.

When Nicolás, the man who brought them across from the continent disappears, leaving the family trapped on the island, the smiles begin to disappear.

Jorge Riquelme delivers an accurate, ruthless and convincing depiction of a disbanding family, which catch you and shake you at the same level, revealing him as a master filmmaker already with his sophomore film. Chile’s most prominent actors, Paulina Garcia and Alfredo Castro together with the rest of the cast develop the roles perfectly.

Both as a piece of good cinema and for its topics, “Some Beasts” is a brave and stunning film.

Javier Garcia Puerto

Режиссер: Jorge Riquelme Serrano