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I Fortuna – The Girl and the Giants I

  • 1h 48 min
  • Drama
  • Nicolangelo Gelormini
  • Valeria Golino, Pina Turco
  • Fortuna is a little girl who lives with her mother in a seemingly entirely ordinary apartment building. However, something is not how it seems at first glance. Everything is slightly off. Debutant Gelormini has skilfully created a split world both in sound and vision.

16:15 Sunday 22.11.2020

Artis, Saal 2

Italian, 2D
Subtitles: Estonian, English
Show ends: 18:03
24. PÖFF 2020

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Erihind 4,50 4,50 €
Festivalihind 5,00 €
Student 7,00 €
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