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I Lolo I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 1h 39 min
  • Comedy, Drama
  • Julie Delpy
  • Julie Delpy, Dany Boon
  • Violette, a 40-year old workaholic with a career in the fashion industry falls for a provincial computer geek, Jean-Rene, while on a spa retreat with her best friend.
I Europa Europa I
Under 14 Not Allowed

  • 1h 52 min
  • Drama, War
I Mauvais sang I
Under 14 Not Allowed

  • 1h 57 min
  • Drama
  • Leos Carax
  • Juliette Binoche, Denis Lavant, Michel Piccoli, Julie Delpy
  • In Paris in the near future. Aging thieves Marc and Hans owe money to a tough American woman who gives them two weeks to pay. They scheme to steal and sell a new serum for a disease that's killing lovers, but they need someone with quick steady hands. They recruit Alex, a disaffected youth who's breaking up with Lise, his 16-year-old girlfriend.
I Before Midnight I
Under 12 Not Allowed

  • 1h 48 min
  • Drama
I 2 Days in New York I
Under 16 Not Recommended

  • 1h 36 min
  • Comedy
I Le Skylab I
For All Audiences

  • 1h 53 min
  • Comedy, Drama
  • Julie Delpy
  • Julie Delpy, Eric Elmosnino, Karin Viard, Lou Avarez
  • Albertine, 11-years old girl is present when a big family gathers together to celebrate granny's 67th birthday. It's a beginning of an adventurous weekend, full of joy and tears, passionate discussions and music, love, hate and curiosity... A big lamb is roasted and lots of champaigne bottles opened.