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I Fortunata I

  • 1h 43 min
  • Comedy, Drama
  • Sergio Castellitto
  • Stefano Accorsi, Emanuela Aurizi, Alessandro Borghi
  • This is suburban fairytale, the story of a young mother (Jasmine Trinca) with a failed marriage behind her, who fights daily for her dream to open a hair salon, challenging her fate in an effort to free herself and gain independence and right to happiness.
I Maraviglioso Boccaccio I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 2h 01 min
  • Comedy, Drama
I Miele I
Under 14 Not Recommended

  • 1h 36 min
  • Drama
  • Valeria Golino
  • Jasmine Trinca, Carlo Cecchi, Libero de Rienzo
  • Irene lives alone a pretty isolated life. Her clandestine job is to help terminally-ill people to die with dignity by giving them a drug. One day she supplies a new "client" with a fatal dose, only to find out he’s perfectly healthy. Irene is determined not to be responsible for his suicide.