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I Bayala - A Magical Adventure I
For All Audiences

  • 1h 25 min
  • Animation, Fantasy, Family
  • Aina Järvine
  • Since the dragons have disappeared magic's vanishing. Hope is raised as Sun-fairy Marween finds an abandoned dragon egg and little Nugur hatches. If dragons get native in Bayala again and all fairies are reconciled, the land can be saved.
I Sipsik I
Family film

  • 1h 14 min
  • Animation, Family
  • Karten Kiilerich, Meelis Arulepp
  • One of the most beloved heroes of Estonian children's literature, the cheerful rag doll Raggie, has now his own movie full of music, adventure and true feelings. It is a story about family, friendship and universal love that can withstand even the greatest trials. Mark makes the doll as a birthday present for his younger sister, Ruby.
I ETV2 esitleb: Mudilaste multilaegas 2016: Raamatukangelaste paraad I
Family film

  • 0h 46 min
  • Animation, Family, Shorts
I Suur maalritöö I
Family film

  • 0h 45 min
  • Animation, Shorts