"Tricky Toons for Kids + workshop"

With this ticket, kids can take part in an exciting animation workshop on the 0 Floor of Solaris Shopping Centre, ran by Nukufilmi Lastestuudio. Under their guidance kids can make their own short animations and after the "Tricky Toons for Kids" screening at Artis cinema after the workshop, they will also be seeing the World Premieres of their freshly made films.

With the ticket "Tricky Toons for Kids + workshop" a child can part-take in the workshop and accompanied by one adult watch the screening of "Tricky Toons for Kids" in Artis cinema.

The workshop is best suited for kids 6+ years old.

"Tricky Toons for Kids" screening

Films feature mostly animals – frogs, a polar bear, a chick, a monkey, and others. Nuit Chérie is a mysterious film about a bear who can’t fall asleep in the winter and who meets, among others, a very unusual Sasquatch. Lastly, The Hunt is a fun story about a huntsman and his dog, whose hunt goes completely wild.

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