I Vello Salo. Igapäevaelu müstika I

  • 1h 22 min
  • Documentary

This film is about the beauty of becoming old. A story of a wise, elderly man, who is preparing to leave this earth. Many very personal and sensitive questions arise - how to not lose faith at the last hour. Why are the greatest of us tested so severly in the spiritual world?

Vello Salo is a humane minister. A man with his own particular quirks and tricks, life experience and broad-minded spirit. A man with wisdom, that he has gathered and preserved to this modern day.

After leaving Estonia in 1944, Salo's journeys took him to places all around the world: to be a soldier in Finland and a gardner in Sweden; to study mathemathics and physics in Switzerland and the Netherlands and theology in Italy. In Germany he was ordained as a priest and so he has taught and worked in Italy, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Canada and Sweden, among other places. Since 1993 he is back in Estonia, living and working as a catholic priest at the Pirita convent.

More often than not, people reach their best spiritual condition during their final years. Many important questions become clear through pain and suffering only in the last chapter of life.

May it be a joy and comfort to us all.

Director: Jaan Tootsen