I Peetrike Laanetagusel I
Family film

  • 0h 53 min
  • Documentary, Family, Nature

This family film is a story of a child’s explorations of nature and first notices of the surrounding biodiversity. Young Peeter is like a guide taking the viewer to the environment teeming with life – from the broadest and most general view to the finest details, from the largest creatures to the smallest ones. The viewer will find themselves discovering, through his eyes, all possible kinds of miracular creatures in the grass, on plants, in shrubs and in sky-reaching trees, sharing his astonishment and joy of first discovery.

The film is not a fruit of the filmmakers’ fantasy. It is based on watching the behaviour of little humans in natural environments. Every little boy or girl can discover their own „Laanetaguse“ right where they are, in every country home or summer home, every village, town or park – wherever there is a patch of greenery still left.

The creatures seen in the film can raise questions in young viewers. Answers are usually inquired from parents, grandparents, teachers. To assist them with finding relevant explanations, we have prepared a small aid. Below you will find frames from the film featuring the key creatures encountered by young Peeter at Laanetaguse. Each image is accompanied by a six-digit number showing the exact location of the frame in the film. For example, 08:25:15 specifies that the image occurs at 08 minutes, 25 seconds and 15 frames from the beginning. This code is followed by the Estonian and scientific name of the creature. This enables viewers to find additional information on it on the Internet, from literature, or from the relevant databases.

The series of images on this home page is intended as a general preview, and also as an aid for those watching the film on the cinema screen. Those who watch the film on DVD will find the image series on the same disc.

Director: Rein Maran