I Enam kui elu I
Under 12 Not Recommended

  • 1h 13 min
  • Music, Documentary, Biography

Freddy Grenzmann is Estonia’s last rock star and the singer of the punk rock band Psychoterror. He’s also a poet. The rock star phenomenon is beyond ordinary norms. It’s larger than life. It can approvingly be said of Freddy that he isn’t normal – not on stage nor in life.

Freddy’s oeuvre and life are equivalent – he gives everything his all.

What makes Freddy interesting is not the delight of social or textual games but rather the magnitude of what he puts at stake, the possibility of completely losing himself, and the depth of foreseeable human or metaphysical distress.

This is the story of the last genuine rock star and poet, of his work, and of the anatomy of a punk band.

Appearing in the film are the members of Psychoterror Freddy Grenzmann, Lauri Leis, Margus Müil, Sven Liba, Sven Kimmel, music specialists Siim Nestor, Valner Valme, Raul Saaremets, Koit Raudsepp and others.