The Bearable Lightness of Being

Night Witches, "Nachthexen"

Denmark, 2016, Julie Baltzer

In 1941, Katja decides to go against the norm and join the first all-female night-bombing squad at the Soviet Air Force to protect her country.

My Second Eye, "Ayny"

Baltic Premiere

Germany, Jordan, , 2016, Ahmad Saleh

The mothers stayed standing when the war hit the houses. The children kept dreaming. The houses grew back. The war hit back. The children kept playing.


Baltic Premiere

Germany, 2017, EunJin Park

There are 3 heads, 6, 7 and 8. They live in absurd everyday life. One day something weird happens to them and their perfect daily routine is ruined. What happens and How do they react?


Baltic PremiereAustria, United Kingdom, 2017, Kathrin SteinbacherThe main character tries to find his place in the world after giving up his career as a potential professional skier. The animated documentary examines the struggles of growing up, and how high expectations can lead to frustration and anxiety.

He so khero, "He sö kherö"

Baltic PremiereSwitzerland, 2016, Aline Höchli

The idyllic sea life of the woman and the crocodile-creature is disturbed by their fundamentally different relationship to fishes. While the woman tries to tame and save them from catastrophes, the crocodile swallows each one of them with pleasure. When the crocodile decides for the woman's sake to become vegetarian it falls ill. Now the woman is in a dilemma. Which live will she sacrifice and which will she save?


Baltic PremiereUnited Kingdom, 2016, Ollie Magee

A falling man finds peace in his fate as a he learns to let go of emotion, sensation and his physical body. His impact on the city and people below is felt if only for a brief moment.


United Kingdom, 2017, Jenny Jokela

A visceral journey about coping with post traumatic stress disorder, exploring notions of shame and feelings of disembodiment.

Apple Slices

Baltic Premiere

Denmark, 2016, Moe Koyano

A boy is fascinated by a girl who knows how to do magic tricks. He follows her. Through a blur of dreams and reality he gets jealous as he realises she has feelings for someone else.

Foreign body, "Cialo obce"

Baltic Premiere

Poland, 2016, Marta Magnuska

A foreign body lives its own life. You're not able to get rid of it. It's always with you, you need it. Caress that odd part of yours, don't try to shave its long tousled fur. This is a story about something that's considered to be strange at first but turns out to be the dearest thing to us. About the transformation of inside and outside.


Estonia, 2017, Sander Joon

After murdering a fellow, a fencer goes on a journey to find out what’s on the other end of the line.


Israel, 2017, Cohen Amit

A boy that wants to be accepted into a band of hunters needs to pass an initiation ritual; shooting a wounded bear