I Abracadabra I

  • 1h 36 min
  • Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

If you cross „What Have I Done to Deserve This?“ with „Blithe Spirit“ and „Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde“, you might be close to the tone of Pablo Berger’s adventurous film.

Carmen (Maribel Verdú) lives on the outskirts of Madrid with her husband Carlos (Antonio de la Torre). She’s an ordinary housewife who’s devoted to her family and he’s a construction worker and soccer fan who lives and breathes for Real Madrid. One day their routine lives change forever. At a wedding reception Carmen’s cousin Pepe (José Mota), an amateur hypnotist, gives a demonstration. He asks for a volunteer from the audience and a skeptical Carlos agrees. The next morning Carlos starts behaving strangely – something went wrong and now he’s possessed by a spirit. Together the cousins begin a surreal, comical investigation to bring him back, while Carmen starts to feel curiously attracted to her „new“ husband.

From the director of the stylish „Blancanieves“ (PÖFF 2012) comes this madcap woman’s melodrama, employing more than its fair share of genre-hopping narrative digressions, absurdist inflections and some glorious retro-pop aesthetic for very good measure. This isn’t a film for the faint-hearted – prepare to throw good taste out of the window on a rollercoaster cinematic ride where mayhem and magic fuse to formidable effect. – Maria Delgado, London Film Festival