French border cop José Fernandez has just one last extradition to do before his long-awaited promotion to the crime bureau. But his detainee Akim, victim of a judiciary glitch, is outraged to find himself saddled with the identity of a potential terrorist and put on a flight back to Kabul, where he has never even set foot before!

What starts as a routine trip for Fernandez and his skirt-chasing partner Guy goes haywire when their plane is grounded in Malta, forcing them to bunk up with Akim, who will stop at nothing to avoid extradition! Badgered constantly by Akim, stressed to the hilt by job pressure and bungled efforts to make up with his jealous girlfriend, Fernandez thinks he’s seen the worst. Stuck together indefinitely in Malta, it’s one catastrophe after another. Until Akim breaks free, setting off a wild goose chase loaded with even more unexpected and explosive complications.