I Uus Eesti Anima 2016 I

  • 1h 40 min
  • Animation

New animated short films and international co-productions from both younger and veteran Estonian filmmakers.

The inarguable gem of Estonian film arts, on an international level, have been and continue to be Estonian animated short films. MADE IN ESTONIA, a collection of new Estonian animated short films, clearly show that this is still the case.

The programme is characterised by the extreme diversity of the films, both in content and style. This is one of the important factors of Estonian animation – everyone follows their own path, and there is no such thing as a unified school, which could result in clichéd work.


Estonia 2016, 9’

Dir: Priit Tender

Prod: Kalev Tamm

A story about a man and a snake, an inebriated penguin and the disappearance of birds. A story about an apple tree and apples, about roots and rootlessness. A story about a paradise and about the expulsion from that paradise.


Norway, Estonia 2016, 18’

Dir: Elin Grimstad

Prod: Kerdi Oengo, Ingvil Giske, Andrus Raudsalu

Two children are playing on the island, looking for animals killed by the cruel Hunter. Could these animals live once again in the eternal hunting grounds?


Estonia 2016, 10’

Dir: Ülo Pikkov

Prod: Kerdi Oengo

The film invokes a past memory; an apartment that once existed; and a small girl dwelling and playing there. It presents a story forged in the dreams of a father hiding from Soviet terror. It is a reconstruction of a vision, with a backdrop of the anxieties present in 1950s Soviet Union.


Estonia 2016, 8’

Dir: Rao Heidmets

Prod: Rao Heidmets

Truth and justice are relative notions. Depending on the point of view, anyone could be right.


Estonia 2016, 10’

Dir: Helen Unt

Prod: Kalev Tamm

The fly rubs its hands. A man and a woman, inside and out, balance within and in between. The fly flies. The snails are swinging. The fly flies.


Sweden, Estonia 2016, 15’

Dir: Juan Pablo Libossart

Prod: Johanna Lind

Amalimbo is the story of Tipuana, a five year-old girl who experiences the limbo when she tries to pass to ”the other side” in her desperate urge to meet again with her recently dead father. It is a short story that happens in an undefined place and an undefined future.


Estonia 2016,17’

Dir: Kristjan Holm

Prod: Eesti Joonisfilm

Full House by Kristjan Holm is about a diligent postman who performs his work duties in an exemplary manner, and then meets his future wife.


Estonia 2016, 9’

Dir: Martinus Daane Klemet

Prod: Kalev Tamm

A mystical beauty surgery clinic is built next to a sports club which threatens to ruin the club's owner. What is going on in this clinic? The answer seems to be inside a bottle of "Fat Burner”.


18.11.2016 - Friday19:001h 40minApollo Kino Mustamäe, TallinnHall 4Screening code: 081107Buy a ticket19.11.2016 - Saturday19:001h 40minApollo Kino Mustamäe, TallinnHall 6Screening code: 091309Buy a ticket20.11.2016 - Sunday14:151h 40minKino Artis, TallinnHall 2Screening code: 101607Buy a ticket


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