“American Summer” is road-movie comedy loosely based on a real-life door to door sales program that takes thousands of European students each year to America.

Charismatic sales-machine Norris, nerdy motivational books fan Alan, adventurous Latvian girl Anna and skeptical Estonian boy Martin find themselves 8000 km away from home, selling educational comic books door-to-door in a small American desert town. Is it the adventure of a lifetime and opportunity to make loads of money as they were promised?

"American Summer" is a first full length Estonian film shot in USA in a guerrilla film-making way - small enthusiastic crew, 18-hour work days, simple props and using everyday people in supporting roles.

This movie touches everybody who has ever had or dreamed of having a Summer job overseas. Everybody knows someone, who has spent their summer in USA, some have succeeded, some failed, everyone has their own story. This movie will be a chance to experience it without leaving the comfort of your home.