Distracted by life, Mr. Makkonen misses his engagement party by decades. Life also keeps distracting a frazzled tour guide, an unraveling homebuyer and the rest of our heroes in this chaotic world. "Distractions" weaves comedy and fantasy into dark tales that both horrify and make you laugh.

This film by Aleksi Salmenperä ("A Man’s Job", "Bad Family"), a meritorious Finnish film director known for breaking taboos and social conventions, is based on a theatre performance of the same title, staged with great success by Helsinki Q-teatteri in 2013. "Distractions", a black comedy intertwined with wild fantasy and gloomy stories, made it to the screen with the help of seven scriptwriters. Provided that the viewer manages to tune to the same wavelength as the makers of this film, "Distractions" will both surprise and amuse the audience even in the gloomy scenes.

Finland 2015