On May 8th 1945, everything changed. The Allies won the war, and VE Day (Victory in Europe) was celebrated in the streets of London. Behind the palace walls, the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret can only watch while the people of the city enjoy their victory. After some serious persuasion, their parents – the King and Queen – let them out for the night, but only under close supervision. It's not long before the plan goes awry, and Elizabeth finds herself separated from her sister. The future Queen is alone in the city, surrounded by strangers. She encounters Jack, a handsome young man who takes a shine to the royal in disguise, and the two get to know each other as the revelry continues around them. Things are never simple though, and as celebration turns to chaos, can Elizabeth stay safe?

This formerly untold story tells the tale of royals let loose in the big city on the most exciting night of their lives, and watches as they struggle with their identities and the way they are 'supposed' to behave. "A Royal Night Out" is a moving historical drama that looks at the difference between who we are and who we wish we could be.

UK 2015