Family man François Nouel is the number one fan of the Tour de France - an obsession that costs him his wife and his job. At a loose end, François meets a former sports manager Rémi who encourages him to take the plunge and do the Tour himself.

With nothing to lose, François sets off, always one day ahead of the race, attracting fellow amateurs, media coverage and cheering crowds. As obstacle after obstacle is thrown his way, and his family comes back on the scene, François discovers what is really most important in his life.

Director Laurent Tuel takes full advantage of the spectacular scenery around the actual Tour, and the races feature realistic, heart-in-mouth action. "Tour de Force" is a funny and thrilling tale of ordinary, everyday heroes and how life changes when spectators stop watching and start doing. A hilarious group of eccentric characters make up François’s ragtag entourage, and the generous humour and terrific performances make for a winning combination in this crowd-pleasing film.

France 2013