I Võistlusprogramm III I
For All Audiences

  • 1h 11 min
  • Drama, Animation

The competition programme is a mixture of the freshest ideas, of traditional and also innovative currents. The competition programme is primarily made up of short films that represent artistic animation and which captivate with their multi-layered content and skillful visuals. The competition programme brings to you the finest animations from all over the world, from Argentina to Israel. A total of 35 of 500 films made it into the competition programme.

DIGITAL - Japan 2013, 5', dir/prod: Sakai Osamu, technique: drawn, experimental

I drew the people living in Tokyo today. Internet, mobile phones, PC... In today's daily life, I've a sketch of a new and strange relationship.

THE CLOCKMAKERS - Canada 2013, 4', dir: Renaud Hallée, prod: Marc Bertrand, technique: abstract

In this experimental animated short from Renaud Hallée, we travel inside a mysterious mechanism made up entirely of revolving gearwheels, triangles and lines. In this whirling, hypnotic world, dozens of tiny gymnasts leap, somersault and twist through the air. Their spirited acrobatics trigger both narrative and musical sequences that are mesmerising and, at times, dizzying. Half-figurative and half-abstract, The Clockmakers is a playful creation that is sure to captivate and dazzle its audience.

THE RAILWAY WATCHMAN - Poland 2012, 10', dir: Piotr Szczepanowicz, prod: Ewa Jastrzebska, technique: 3D

The life of a railway watchman living in a small station in the middle of the forest follows the rhythm of passing trains. In his free time he plays the trumpet, plays with a hedgehog and struggles with a naughty boy. A young woman on a bike is a regular visitor to the station, yet every meeting with her proves a wasted opportunity for the watchman. One of passing trains will evoke his reflection on life.

FULL MOON - Israel 2013, 10', dir/prod: Revital Laufer, Guy Garibian, technique: mixed

The story of a young, motivated, family man, who is dedicated to his cause until his final day. But along the way, surrounded by towering tall buildings, did he not miss the truly important goals of his life? The film examines whether, in today's complex and competitive world, the goal indeed justifies all means, and whether the endless persecution of a moment of glory is indeed worthy of its price.

XYZTOPIA - Estonia 2013, 15', dir: Martinus Daane Klemet, prod: Kalev Tamm, technique: mixed

One of the inhabitants of the flat earth gains possession of glasses that enable one to see in three dimensions. He has good intentions but controlling one extra dimension proves to be rather complicated...

ANGÉLIQUE'S DAY FOR NIGHT - France 2013, 7', dir: Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet, Joris Clerté, prod: Marilyne Charrier, technique: 2D

When watching the film "Day for Night" by François Truffaut, Angélique discovers that we can make up our life.

WANDERING - Belgium 2013, 5', dir/prod: Sophie Racine, technique: drawn

Some wandering...

MONTENEGRO - UK 2013, 7', dir: Luiz Stockler, prod: Royal College of Art, technique: drawn

Zinedine Zidane, why did you headbutt that man?

FIBONACCI BREAD - Croatia 2012, 8', dir/prod: Danijel Zezelj, technique: drawn

Fibo the baker makes bread and rolls every night, and in the morning, he rides his bicycle through the labyrinth of the city to take them to his customers. During an afternoon nap, a dream reveals to him the geometrical golden rule behind the pattern of his daily routine. This discovery leads to the encounter with the city's secret and most unusual visitor...