One of the most well-known Finnish director Pirjo Honkasalo’s next film “Concrete Night” is a timeless black and white story of two brothers living in the suburbs of Helsinki.

The older brother Ikko spends his last 24 hours before being emprisoned giving ghastly life-wisdoms to his 14-year-old brother Simo: “Hit a woman, she enjoys it, but only hit a man, if you really have to”. The viewer dives into claustrophobic visuals, engaged by unexpected locations of Helsinki area and might find one-self thinking, what is it, that we ourselves teach to next generations and what influences and consequences that has. The returning theme of Finnish recent films of love and fear is strongly present also in the “Concrete Night”.

The story is adaptation of a 1981 novel by Pirkko Saisio. Honkasalo’s previous author films (both feature and documentary) have been selected in the official programmes of festivals suchs as Cannes, Venice and Locarno. “Concrete Night” enjoyed its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this fall. “Concrete Night” is a film for those, who enjoy author cinema, visual aesthetics and are looking for a possibility to get lost in the plot and self-reflect.

Helen Vinogradov / PÖFF

Finland, Sweden, Denmark 2013