Despite his age and general weariness, Gebo keeps on working as an accountant to provide for his family. He lives with his wife, Doroteia, and his daughter-in-law, Sofia, but it is the absence of João, son and husband, that worries them. Gebo seems to be hiding something, especially to Doroteia, who is anxiously waiting to see her

son again. Sofia is also waiting for her husband to come home, and yet she fears him. All of a sudden, João arrives and everything changes.

„It has long been one of de Oliveira’s great talents to be able to evoke the world in a miniature, and his latest exquisite chamber piece is no exception. Having witnessed a turbulent century first-hand, and experienced the transition in his industry from silent to sound, black and white to colour, de Oliveira is uniquely equipped to recognize how much the world stays the same as it ceaselessly changes, and how the fictions of the past rhyme uncannily with the concerns of the present. Though petit-bourgeois family honour may seem an archaic idea on which to base a drama in the twenty-first century, de Oliveira’s observations of how capitalism dominates even our most intimate relations are still pertinent in our current era of widespread economic catastrophe. A painting come to life, GEBO AND THE SHADOW reminds us once again how privileged we are to benefit from the wisdom of this great master.”

Diana Sanchez, Toronto Film Festival