Violence is like a spider web: through deeds the sticky strands spread from person to person, binding them to each other and trapping bystanders as well. Time and again, the question comes up: which is the better way to sever the strands, revenge or forgiveness? What might be self-evident in an ideal world becomes blurry in real life, and people and human relationships are both put to the test. After all, you don’t need to be a friend to help someone, nor is it true that only enemies cause hurt. Revenge can break the chain of violence; and turning the other cheek can intensify the cycle. Forgiveness can be at once impossible, inevitable, pointless and imperceptible.

The latest film by Denmark’s Susanne Bier, known for her films “Brothers”, “After the Weddingi” and “Things We Lost in the Fire”, IN A BETTER WORLD takes a look at the devious development of a chain of violence through the story of the two boys and their families, in which Danish small town life intertwines with African refugee camp settings with its ambiguous, occasionally deceptive, but above all human lessons.

The film screens in Danish, with Estonian and Russian subtitles.