"Summer" follows the characters familiar to the audiences from "Spring" (Kevade) also by the director Arvo Kruusement and is based on stories by Oskar Luts, "Summer" (Suvi) and "The Wedding of Toots" (Tootsi pulm). It is the beginning of the 20th century and Estonia is part of Russian Empire. Youngsters from Paunküla are now in their 20s. Well-known rascal Joosep Toots has recently returned from a farthest part of Russia where he studied agriculture. Back at home, he wants to start reforming his father's farm, Ülesoo. At the same time, he's competing with his schoolmate Kiir to win the love of a pretty maiden Teele. Headstrong young lady sets one condition for her future husband - the man must be a farmer. Desperate Kiir is now forced to go to Russia in order to become one as well.

"Summer" was filmed in 1975 mainly around Otepää and Kanepi as well as in Palamuse, the original setting of the stories by Oskar Luts. The film was praised for its keen cinematography and witty dialogue. It was also a challenge for the director Arvo Kruusement to cast the same child actors he used in "Spring" to the adult parts of their characters. Luckily, many of them had chosen acting as their profession.

"Summer" was restored in Finnish studios Digital Film Finland and Generator Post that had previously restored several classic Estonian films. The film was restored as part of the programme "Estonian film 100".

Thanks to the support of Tallinn 2011 - Cultural Capital of Europe, "Summer" is screened in cinema Artis with English subtitles.