I Uus maailm I
For All Audiences

  • 1h 28 min
  • Documentary

A group of young people are active in Tallinn’s New World neighborhood. Some consider them noisy disturbers of the peace; some see them as an irresponsible bunch of hippies, and still others think they are heroes. They began as anarchist urban guerillas, whose mission was to fight for a cleaner and car-free environment by legal and illegal means, thereby creating headaches for the police and the vigilant citizenry. But one day, recognition, attention and funding arrive. Those who previously forced our main characters to write letters of explanation were now approvingly patting them on the shoulder.

What is left of madness when it suddenly has to be packaged into a project?

How to maintain the creative chaos for years? What to do about human relations that can’t be subordinated to the logic of the project? The New World follows the birth, life and pain of an idealistic movement through five years. This is the anatomy of a revolution: a story about people, relationships and great changes. A dramatic adventure filled with love and anarchy.

FIlm is directed by Jaan Tootsen, scriptwriters are Jaan Tootsen, Jaak Kilmi, camera Mihkel Soe, Jaan Tootsen, Jaak Kilmi, sound edited by Horret Kuus, edited by Marta Pulk, music is composed by Sander Saarmets and film is producer by Jaak Kilmi.

Director: Jaan Tootsen