Artišokk unites movie fans


The more films you see, the less you pay!

Cinema club Artišokk unites the fans of quality films, offers a chance to buy tickets for cheaper price and shares the latest film news. The membership has no expiration date and there is no signup fee. ID card is enough to enjoy the members' cheaper ticket prices. 


Artišokk works on the principle that the more films you attend, the bigger the discount. By seeing more films, you can reach “film fan” or even “film freak” status.


Film friend – everyone who joins the club

Film fan – visits cinema Artis at least 12 times a year
Film freak – serious film fan who visits cinema Artis at least 40 times a year

Rules of Cinema Club Artišokk

Signing up

•   To join the club, fill in the application form on or at the box office.

•   Artis reserves the right to deny your membership if you present misinformation or refuse to supply required details. If you wish not to divulge your personal identification code, you should be aware that you will not qualify for discounts on the basis of an ID card. 

Basic membership of Artishock never expires.

•   Joining the Artishock club is free of charge.

Member status

•   Film friend – Artišokk member.

•   Film fan – member who has bought tickets to at least 12 films at Artis during the year.

•   Film freak – member who has bought tickets to at least 40 films at Artis during the year.

•   Membership status is determined on the basis of the number of films attended at Artis. Status upgrades become active when the number of films is updated at the end of the day – you enjoy the new status as of the next day. The higher-level statuses and the related discounts are good for one year regardless of how many tickets are bought in the interim period.

Artišokk card

•   If desired, you as a new club member will be issued an Artishock club card at the box office.

•   An ID card also serves the same function. To use your ID card, you are required to supply the correct personal identification code when you sign up or later in the user account details.

•   An identity document is required for the club card to be issued (passport, ID card or driving licence).

Artišokk club member privileges

  • As a member of Artišokk, after the authentication you are eligible for all of the special offers, discounts and special privileges in cinema and its website that are valid for members of the relevant status.

    •   Information on current specials is available on the Artis website and at the cinema.

    •   Specials and discounts are good only upon presentation of the Artišokk card or ID card – other identity documents may not be used because the system requires electronic authentication. On the website, login is by user name and password.

    •   Club members have the right to suspend or end their membership status by sending a simple request on paper or via e-mail.

Rights of cinema Artis

•   Artis has the right to deny membership and is not required to provide a reason.

•   Artis has the right to suspend membership status if a club member violates the cinema's rules.

•   Artis reserves the right to change posted prices and the discounts for club members.


•   Cinema Artis will not divulge customers’ personal data to third parties, unless required by law to do so.

•   These rules and any future versions of the rules and other information about the Artišokk cinema club are available online at