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I Kiwi og Strit I
Family film

  • 0h 38 min
  • Adventure, Animation
  • Esben Toft Jacobsen
  • Two strange little creatures live in the forest: Kiwi, who's all clean and yellow and careful by nature and Strit, who's all violet, a bit dirty and decidedly wild! Both of them are curious to discover new things, play football, paint and swim. But as this delicious duo are always getting things wrong, their antics often end in laughter.

11:00 Saturday 20.05.2017

Artis, Saal 1

No subtitles
Show ends: 11:42
4. European Children Film Festival

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Regular 7,20 €
Child (until 12 years) 3,00 €
Adult at family film 4,60 €
Senior 4,90 €
Student 4,90 €
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