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I New Estonian Animation I

  • 1h 14 min
  • Animation, Short film
I Anticipation I

  • 1h 16 min
  • Short film
I Mudilaste multilaegas 2015: Ilus oled, isamaa I
Family film

  • 0h 38 min
  • Animation, Shorts
I Uus Eesti anima I
For All Audiences

  • 1h 29 min
  • Animation, Shorts
I Eesti uus anima I

  • 1h 04 min
  • Animation
  • “Happy Birthday” is an outlook vision about the duel between the bible hero Jesus and a man-made robot.
I Mudilaste multilaegas: Uuem Eesti lasteanima I
Family film

  • 0h 45 min
  • Animation, Family