I Queer I: Lovebirds I

  • 1h 31 min
  • Romance, Shorts

Isn't all love fundamentally queer? Doesn't it always go against a type of established order, destabilising us and the systems we are a part of?

This queerness manifests itself as we touch upon the limits of ourselves and others. Some are more resilient to its effects and some could never cope, but it's always up to us whether we make the choice to follow the call or not.

These are films about lovebirds who did.

Ionuț and Călin


Year: 2018

Film duration: 00:18

Romanian; Moldavian

Ionuț and Călin have recently broken up. When they accidentally meet again, their feelings resurface, along with the tensions that drove them apart.

The Booth


Year: 2018

Film duration: 00:15


A female frisking booth inside a crowded shopping mall stands as a silent ally to a forbidden romance.


Great Britain

Year: 2019

Film duration: 00:13


Hobbit and Jake, who have decided to raise their one-year-old child Anoush gender open, live on a houseboat in the UK. In order to prevent people from making gender-related assumptions, they are keeping the biological sex of their baby a secret.



Year: 2019

Film duration: 00:16


As a new show is introduced at an erotic dance theatre in Lahore, a sacrificial goat goes missing, a dreamy trans girl desperately tries to become a star and a naïve young boy falls in love.

Mr. Mare


Year: 2019

Film duration: 00:20

Looking at an x-ray image, a young, handsome man is horrified to learn that the weird, tumor-like lump on his chest is the top of a tiny, plump man’s head. Nested in his body, he is waiting to be born…

Chapped Lips


Year: 2018

Film duration: 00:05


In a kitchen, a mother and a child struggle to establish dialogue.