I El Diablo entre las Piernas I

  • 2h 27 min
  • Drama, Romance

Time has turned the Old Man and Beatriz into the same flesh, the same guts. They destroy and need each other: they share demons, memories, resentments. The Old Man lives on his jealousy. She lives on feeling desired and desirable. They have spent many years like that. They are intimate enemies. They live in a harmony of hate. But Dinorah, the maid, picks a side and takes matters into her own hands. And that is when fate catches up to the old couple.

Through Ripstein (75) and Garcíadiego’s (70) absorbing story, we come to understand the labyrinthine intricacies of how active minds, hearts, and libidos negotiate with the vagaries of ailing bodies. The result is darkly hilarious and strangely touching.

Director: Arturo Ripstein