I Have You Seen My Movie? I

  • 2h 16 min
  • Comedy, Adventure, Romance

An enthralling montage of magical moments of cinema-going extracted from movie history exploring the entire film-going experience: underage boys attempting to get into a cinema to see some bare flesh; pretentious debates in the queues; loading chocices into trays and of course the trailers and the main feature. Films of every genre play as lovers meet, criminals hide in the dark and rapt audiences watch on. "Have You Seen My Movie?" is an engaging and playful essay about watching movies. Right after the first frames it makes you suddenly think about "The Clock" (the 24 h masterpiece of Christian Marclay, where Paul Anton Smith was an assistant editor) but after the 'story' develops, you also realise how close it is to "Film Ist". "A Girl and Gun" by the maestro Gustav Deutsch, the film which used the famous JL Godard’s quote: “All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl”. And that is actually what the film reflects through images: we will enjoy criminal conspiracies, romantic brief encounters as well as red carpets and industry scenes.

Clips from over 1000 scenes of films join together traversing Golden Age of Hollywood, British Classics or Italian Neorealism and what is even more touching, many of our own emotional referents. All in all, it’s a film about what fascinates us about cinema, which mystery hides in the shadows of a dark room that catches our attention and reveals our dreams.

This film is one of the best ways to open your mind to one of the main trends in avant-garde and a self-reference gate to our new section Rebels with a cause.

(Javier Garcia Puerto)

Director: Paul Anton Smith