I Vägen till Ann-Christine I
Under 16 Not Recommended

  • 0h 58 min
  • Documentary

Åke was working as a priest within the Church of Sweden, living a seemingly normal life with wife and children. But deep down inside he knew that he was somebody completely different.

Åke was born as a boy in the fall of 1952. He came out as Ann-Christine on the 2nd of August 2010. He will never forget that date - it was then he took his first unsteady steps in high heel shoes on the streets of Malmö.

This film is Åke/Ann-Christine’s personal story about coming out as a woman, at the workplace, in the family and in society. It is about sexual identity, prejudice and the longing to be who you really are.

But becoming Ann-Christine has not been an easy journey.

- Before I came out I was deeply scared of myself, of my thoughts and who I was. But after I came out I suddenly had to deal with everybody elses fears too, says Ann-Christine.

For three years the director Helena Isaksson Baeck followed Åke/Ann-Christine. The result is an intimate portrait of a person with great integrity and tremendous courage.

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The film screening is supported by Rootsi Suursaatkond Tallinnas / Embassy of Sweden in Tallinn.

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