I Lepatriinude Jõulud+Kutsu Juku 85 I

  • 1h 06 min
  • Animation

On early Christmas morning, a shy ladybird Tim goes to visit another ladybird Mia, whose little house hangs atop a fir tree.

Unexpectedly, a man comes into the forest, cuts down Mia's home and takes it back with him as a Christmas tree. Thus the ladybirds are brought into a completely new environment - indoors.

Looking for a way back into the forest, they meet several odd house insects that have never heard of any forest. Later on, the humans are visited by Santa, out of whose pocket climbs a little flea elf with a gift back, in order to deliver presents to all the insect residents of the house. Once all the others have received their presents, the elf notices the pair of lonely looking ladybirds.

However, on Christmas Eve, it's not unlikely for dreams to come true.