Konrad, unconventional father of Käthe (10) and Emma (5) is a house-father, his wife Christine a career anaesthesiologist. The central figure in his kids' lives, he holds the family together with imagination and energy. But familiar roles wobble when he gets the chance to return to his profession as a theatre director. Konrad and Christine decide to hire an au-pair girl, Isabella from Argentina. On her first evening Isabella faints: she is pregnant. It's just the start of problems that bring the family's deeper issues and deficits to the surface. Suddenly, Konrad's and Christine's individual interests are incompatible and Konrad finally feels he has to force her to take her part of the responsibility – so he moves out. The result is instant family chaos! There is no way Christine can replace the "Konrad System". Konrad has his own conflicts with his diva-like stars, who threaten to destroy his chance of a comeback.

Germany 2013