I Als der Weihnachtsmann vom Himmel fiel I
Family film

  • 1h 43 min
  • Fairytale, Family

It’s two weeks before Christmas and Niklas Goodfellow, the last true Santa, is out on his sleigh. Suddenly reindeer Twinklestar bolts causing them to crash land by the home of Ben who happens to love Christmas.

Ben is sure Niklas is the real Santa, however there’s another Santa around as well: Gerold Geronimus Goblynch, a true Grinch who wants to make money from all the Christmas activities. Ben and his friend Charlotte realise they have to save Niklas and the old traditions of Christmas.

Filled with magic, angels, flying elves, a red-suited, twinkly-eyed Santa, and tonnes of good cheer this is perfect holiday fare for you and your family.

Please note: film is showing in dubbed version

Director: Oliver Dieckmann